what claire ate

What Claire Ate: April 19th, 2016

I don’t quite believe the photos from this day, but here they are. According to the evidence, I actually ate three times in one day.

“Brunch” was a pork belly sandwich from Double Dragon.


I’m sure a Diet Coke was involved as well.

Later that afternoon/evening, I went back to Blackbird Pizza and had another on of their Pizza Week slices. My friend Chris had one too.


So I had one of these.


More gin tbh

Later that evening, I made some soup for Recipe of the Week on xoJane, and then ate some of it.


There is a poached egg in there.

It looks like I had at least one Cynar and soda too, but I bet it was more than one.


These were eaten.


Then there’s just a pic of a jar of pickles. I’m going to guess that means I drank some pickle juice, because I do that a lot.


The End.


what claire ate

What Claire Ate: February 5th, 2015

Thursday was strange. I did not eat breakfast. I didn’t eat anything before 3 PM, and instead drank several cups of coffee, none of which I took a picture of.

When I finally did eat, it was kind of gross.

The saddest bowl of tuna with broken crackers.

The saddest bowl of tuna with broken crackers.

Fortunately, the day got a lot better (food-wise).

REDACTED and I decided to go to the Portland Chef’s Week opening party, but first we had dinner at Trifecta.

A martini in very unwieldy martini glass.

A martini in very unwieldy martini glass.

The olive oil may have been the best part of the bread plate.

The olive oil may have been the best part of the bread plate.

Really dreamy cauliflower soup.

Really dreamy cauliflower soup.

Acceptable deviled eggs.

Acceptable deviled eggs.

Iron-heavy chicken liver toast.

Iron-heavy chicken liver toast.

Pretty good brussels sprouts

Pretty good brussels sprouts

Chess pie with cranberry sorbet. (Good, but the crust was a little tough.)

Chess pie with cranberry sorbet. (Good, but the crust was a little tough.)

Complimentary caramel.

Complimentary caramel.

After that, I suggested we make one more stop before heading downtown. That stop was Katchka, because I needed some horseradish vodka.



That was chased with some of the best pickle brine I have ever had. (Green tomato.)



After that, we finally headed to the Chef’s Week party. I never did get a drink, even thought the Savage Gardener-looking bartender made eye contact with me about 9 times. After being actively ignored for close to 8 minutes, we left and went to play tabletop shuffleboard at a different bar.

I had a gin and soda, but didn’t take a pic of it because I was too busy playing tabletop shuffleboard. (I’m guessing.)


Alcohol, Awkward, Beer, Eating, Fall, Pumpkins, Sweets

Let’s Try This Again.

The moment…THE VERY MOMENT…I was out from under your watchful eye…

I ate so much of all of the things.

Like, more than anything you ever saw me post.

So…we’re just going to do this for a little longer…I know you guys like it…

Anyway…you know how I do…


I didn’t eat anything until lunch…but I think I got a coffee…or tea…I don’t remember.

Co-workers, do you remember?

For lunch I ate a salad with grilled chicken…no cheese or anything, bibbles!

Not bad at all…


When I got home, I ate the last turtle (chocolate, not reptile) that I had leftover from a pack of 4 that I got on the way to the M83 show last Thursday…



So those are gone.

For dinner, before dance class, I had YET ANOTHER SALAD.

What a good girl.


Then I had 1/3 of this stick candy…also acquired en route to M83…

We ate at Cracker Barrel on the way…wanna fight about it?

I don’t even like it.


On the way to dance, I got an iced coffee with only 1/2 a pump of pumpkin sauce and a splash of half & half.

They even spelled my name right!


After dance, I baked that pinterest experiment.

So I had to drink on of these:

She’s my little rock ‘n’ roll…


And then…you know…there was batter.

So I licked this.

Oh behaaaave…


Then I ate this:

This was actually Sean’s…I forgot to take a picture of mine…


Then…later, I got really hungry again.

So I ate tuna and a pickle.

Is it chicken?


Speaking of pickles…Am I the only one who likes drinking pickle juice?

You guys get back to me on that.