Happy Tasty Weekend Link Roundup

Claire’s Happy Weekend Tasty Week Roundup

Happy Good Friday, Easter and/or Passover or none of the above, depending on what you’re all about!


I’m writing this post from my new kitchen, standing at the counter because there are no chairs. The moving company just got here with our stuff though, so I’m gonna make this quick.

Let’s launch into the links.

What do you put on Matzo? I like butter and salt the best, maybe a little nutritional yeast on there.

Pancakes and cocktails, what more do you need?

Too real.

I love a woman who brews, but I’m not sure that makes these beers “feminist.”

If you love Jiro Dreams of Sushi, give this a gander.

Way back in the day, my husband took me here for dinner and a flamenco show. I remember feeling so grown-up ordering cocktails at the bar beforehand. (I was 21.)

Need this shirt in my life.


Speaking of Easter, which chocolate would you rather have in your basket? This super-fancy goose with luggage? Or Benedict Cumberbatch.

And finally, a very important question: Which is better, Chili’s or Olive Garden?

Happy Tasty Weekend Link Roundup

Claire’s Happy Weekend Tasty Week Roundup

It’s the freakin’ weekend, so that means it’s time for more cool links.

But first, what’s happening with you this weekend? We’re about to go get the keys to our new place, so I assume we’ll be doing some moving-related stuff. Also I’ve agreed to do karaoke tomorrow night, so I apologize to the world in advance.

Anyway, about those links.

Meredith (laying down on rock) really embodies the weekend spirit.

My sister Meredith (laying down on rock) really embodies the weekend spirit.

This is almost exactly how my mom makes beef stew, and it is delicious.

Sorry, can’t talk. Too busy obsessing over this Instagram account.

I’m not sure how I feel about “feminist beer.”

Do you want to make your own cheese in 15 minutes? Of course you do. Think of how impressive that would be.

Don’t go to McDonald’s for pie. Make these instead.

Pinot Noir, Caviar (MUST HAVE)

I’m actually a bit hungover right now and would like this in my mouth.

Should I make my own coffee pour-over station??

I have a nail polish that looks like this cake.

Have doughnuts gone too far?

Awkward, Chemistry, Eating

In Which I Trade My Blood For Cookies and Soda.

Fair trade?

Fair trade.




But then something exciting happened…

You know those new pens that are SO MUCH better for the ladies? I’ve always felt that pens were a man’s game, but not anymore thanks to Bic.

Anyway, I found the lab equivalent!

Pulverizing, strong enough for a man…pink enough for a woman.


Then something else exciting happened, I gave my blood to somebody else! It was my first time, because before I’ve always had a new tattoo or piercing, but it was lovely! Well, except for the finger prick. That was the worst. But the guy who stuck the needle in my arm was like a needle-ninja. AND I got a Sierra Mist! Which…they wrapped in a paper towel.

Oh hai, shoes.



After all that woman-friendly grinding (ughhhh…) and blood-letting it was time for lunch!



I also got cookies for my humorous donation ( I hope you SEE WHAT I DID THERE).

Blood Cookies.


Also, I ate these goldfish. Listen…I GAVE BLOOD. I didn’t want to faint.

Blood fish? 


Then I worked some more.

Then I had an apple and two small cheeses.

I’m really concerned about fainting.


Then I needed a latte? So I went on a quest for one.

It’ll do.


Then I went home, ate another cheese, went to dance class…

You just get wax pictures.


Then I went to Outback and ATE ALL OF THE THINGS.

Hey! That’s my bread!


Have you ever had steak, honey?* 


And I didn’t faint once.

*29 points if you get this reference.