You may be wondering what a “replicator” is and why I have taken a firm “no” stance against them. According to Wikipedia ( a source I used secretly during my college career…Oh, I’m sorry, do you know where I could find a better explanation for three-center four-electron bonds?) in Star Trek, a Replicator is ” a machine capable of creating (and recycling) objects. Replicators were originally seen used to synthesize meals on demand, but in later series they took on many other uses.”

I’m all for replicating clothes and machine parts, but food my friends? Never. I applaud those on the Star Treks who bother to actually cook. Sisko, I would love some jambalaya.

This brings me to the point of this blarg. I love food. I love making, eating, and talking about it. No Replicators aims to talk about food and the making of it in a way that is not so serious, not so styled, and definitely not replicated. Though it’s mainly a collection of things I eat everyday, there will also be discussions of trends, product reviews, and general musings because I’m driving this bus and I’ll talk about whatever I want.

Oh, and there will be a lot of beer. Did I mention all the beer?

You can also read more of my words at xoJane.

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