what claire ate

What Claire Ate: April 19th, 2016

I don’t quite believe the photos from this day, but here they are. According to the evidence, I actually ate three times in one day.

“Brunch” was a pork belly sandwich from Double Dragon.


I’m sure a Diet Coke was involved as well.

Later that afternoon/evening, I went back to Blackbird Pizza and had another on of their Pizza Week slices. My friend Chris had one too.


So I had one of these.


More gin tbh

Later that evening, I made some soup for Recipe of the Week on xoJane, and then ate some of it.


There is a poached egg in there.

It looks like I had at least one Cynar and soda too, but I bet it was more than one.


These were eaten.


Then there’s just a pic of a jar of pickles. I’m going to guess that means I drank some pickle juice, because I do that a lot.


The End.



2 thoughts on “What Claire Ate: April 19th, 2016

  1. Jessica Monmaney says:

    Delayed gratification WCA is great for at least two reasons:
    1) binge-reading
    2) everything reads like a delightfully tipsy, fuzzy memory

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