what claire ate

What Claire Ate: February 9th, 2016

We’re skipping the 8th because the 8th was gross, and not in my usual “this bitch will eat anything” kind of way, in a “stomach bug” kind of way.

The 9th was much more fun. The first thing I ate was ramen (with a ginger beer) from Double Dragon.


I didn’t finish it all, so late I ate the rest of it.


I also ate some saltines with butter an nutritional yeast, and that’s when I knew I was feeling better.


That evening, I went to a lingerie fashion show. I wore this.


My “no one will go with me” face.

I had a whiskey ginger at the event.


After the show, I went to Lardo and had a breakfast sandwich and a gin and juice.



With hashbrowns!


Glamour shot

Then I slept so hard.



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