what claire ate

What Claire Ate: February 13th, 2016


I had a really good one with my gal, Alice.

We began the day with fried chicken and cheap beer (plus a diet coke).


Glooooooory beeeeeee!

Then we power walked over to 5o Licks for ice cream. I had a root beer float and it was delightful.


We did some shopping at Ulta and also stopped at my mailbox where this glorious box of See’s was waiting for me because my bff Stacy is a truly thoughtful and wonderful woman.


We ate some of these while watching What We Do In The Shadows and smearing charcoal masks on our faces.

Much later, I ate some frozen (well, heated up) pizza.


I also ate a leftover chicken thigh. It was too dark for a pic and I didn’t want to use flash.

The end.



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