what claire ate

What Claire Ate: January 23rd, 2016

Breakfast was a nice little macchiato.


There were so many eggs, but this was the last day of eggs. I did have to go get more eggs though, and while I was out I decided to stop at Salt & Straw for a scoop of their Oregon black truffle, which was delightfully earthy and rich and just a touch salty.


It was also an oddly pretty day


With slice of real truffle

I also bought some socks for Angie so she would quit sliding around on the hardwood but she took them off 😦


Supper was a vegetable curry.


(Terrible pic because I was halfway in, but oh well.)

Also some beer a friend brought over but I forgot to snap it.

We watched a movie and ate some Goldfish.


Then my friend left so I went and had some drinks at Double Dragon.


Negroni with Cynar


You know what this is.

I also had a gin and soda but there’s no pic of that.




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