what claire ate

What Claire Ate: September 27th, 2015

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I worked most of mine, so it kind of flew by. Anyway, here’s what I ate.

I had to get up kind of early to take Angie to the vet, and on the way back I picked up a coffee.

*thumbs up emoji*

*thumbs up emoji*

Then I typed some words. I know this isn’t food, but I really like how these farmer market flowers brighten my space.


I didn’t eat anything until after yoga (yeah that’s right, I went to yoga on a WEEKEND day) and then I ate a bowl of lentil “shepherd’s pie” which I’m really all about right now.


Oh and I may have gotten a little enthusiastic with nooch.



Then I typed some more words. Then I picked Angie up from the vet. Turns out she has liver issues, so that sucks, but we have her on some meds and it will probably be okay.

Anyway. I was super crampy and kind of grumpy by this point, so supper was a bowl of sloppy fries from Roscoe’s.


Also a sour beer.

Also a sour beer.

Oh and I looked at the moon at some point. It was cool.

I was still really crampy when I got home, so I had whiskey and ice cream. Then I watched MASH until it bored me to sleep.







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