what claire ate

What Claire Ate: June 15th, 2015

I had an iced coffee.


Then I made some deviled eggs for Recipe of the Week.


I ate a couple.

I also ate some of the extra yolk filling on toast.


For lunch, Chris and I went to Roscoe’s.

Catfish strips (not too bad)

Catfish strips (not too bad)

Then we went to Beer Bunker to work on our various “projects.”

Dill Does Sour

Dill Does Sour

Then Vintage.


Then we picked up some snacks and watched some more Boosh, as is our custom.


I poured sangria-flavored vodka over frozen prosecco, because summer.


Oh, and I guess I didn’t finish my doughnut the day before. Because I ate the rest of that.


The evening took us to Kachka for horseradish vodka and happy hour eats.

Vodka (but like 3x this)

Vodka (but like 3x this)

Whipped salo

Whipped salo



More dumplings

More dumplings

Sean's "Hunt for Red October" sandwich (I had a bite)

Sean’s “Hunt for Red October” sandwich (I had a bite)

And that concludes Monday.



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