what claire ate

What Claire Ate: June 5th, 2015

Once again, I ate nothing before lunch.

Lunch was at an Indian buffet.

Plate of stuff.

Plate of stuff.

Tandoori chicken and goat curry.

Tandoori chicken and goat curry.

That kept me full for quiiiiiiite a while. On top of being too full, my throat started to hurt, so I took a nap in an effort to not get sick.

It worked; I didn’t get sick.

After I woke up, I met Sean for First Friday in Montavilla, stopping to pick up a strawberry lemonade from Hungry Heart on the way.


First Friday was cute. All of the shops had refreshments laid out for shoppers.

A bit of prosseco.

A bit of prosseco.

Fresh berries

Fresh berries

Iced tea

Iced tea

We came home with a few purchase; Sean bought a Star Trek VI laser disc and  I got some nail polish.

After a little bit of house cleaning, we went to WinCo for groceries and ate Doritos in the car on the way back.


Supper was a tomato sandwich with prosciutto crisps and cherries.


I also ate some of these wasabi almonds.


Oh. And this doughnut, because it was National Doughnut day. (Which for the record I think is kind of bs because one should celebrate doughnuts EVERY DAY.)



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