what claire ate

What Claire Ate: June 2nd, 2015

Breakfast was coffee.


Around 2 pm, I realized that I hadn’t eaten anything, nor had I drank any water.

This was remedied with a little rice and vegetables with an egg on top.


I wrote some things and took some pictures.

I went on a five-mile run.

After showering, I took my laptop to Beer Bunker and finished an article while finishing a beer.


After both of those things were finished, I bopped over to Vintage and had a Negroni.

I also had a margarita with a bit of Kummel, but somehow that picture didn’t get taken.

Also consumed: an ounce of Japanese whiskey.


Once home, Sean made me a grilled cheese sandwich.



I ate that really quickly and then whipped up some ramen.

I ate that in bed.

By the light of the TV.

By the light of the TV.



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