Happy Tasty Weekend Link Roundup

Happy Tasty Weekend Link Roundup

Hey party people! How’s you Friday going? I kind of got my weekend started last night with at Hamlet, Portland’s newest and finest ham bar. We ordered a sampler platter and cocktails. My beautiful libation was called “Meat Versus Melon,” tasted like a Tinkerbell Popsicle, and was garnished with a prosciutto crisp.


Cheers to you! And here are the links!

I will picking up several bottles of cheaper-than-$25 bubbly

Speaking of bubbly, some people are pretty peeved at Beyonce for “pouring  a $10,000 bottle of champagne into a hot tub.” But, given that Jay Z owns Armand de Brignac, she probably has access to a prop bottle.

I’m gonna make cheddar cheese ice cream. Haters can see themselves out.

Portland has a “proper” bagel shop now.

All carbs all the time.

The importance of a whole-animal approach to butchery

Eating a live octopus looks pretty horrific, actually.

Want to grill perfect steaks all summer long? Kenji has you covered

Stop romanticizing “the good ol’ culinary days.”

These artichokes. My word.


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