what claire ate

What Claire Ate: May 19th, 2015

I had cake for breakfast!

I "pounded" it hahahaha.

I “pounded” it hahahaha.

Then I went to Hungry Heart, where I had an iced coffee and wrote this post.


I biked home and wrote some more before deciding to go for a run.

That’s when I realized I had consumed only pound cake and coffee, so I slammed some coconut water rq.


Then I went on a 2-mile run.

When I got back, I took a shower and then went crazy eating all of the things.

First I grilled the rest of that beef heart and served it (to myself) over a little salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, and pickled onion.


Then I ate this stray cupcake.


Then I ate more pound cake. Except this time I put ice cream and fruit on it.


Then I felt terrible.

The End.


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