Happy Tasty Weekend Link Roundup

Happy Tasty Weekend Link Roundup: How are you gearing up for summer?

Happy Friday! With each spring weekend, I get more and more excited for summer. I grew up coming to the Pacific Northwest during the hotter months of the year and I’m completely stoked for lounging around on river rocks and (hopefully!) fly fishing.

Fishing with my dad near Deschutes.

Fishing with my dad near Deschutes.

I’ve got big plans, and they begin with a lot of yard work being done this weekend. I may even plant a mosquito repellent garden!

How do you gear up for summer? Where’s your favorite swimming hole? Do you have a hot weather cocktail? Oh! I almost forgot! Here’s some links!

Here’s that mosquito garden I was talking about. (I don’t dig their “oh no chemicals!” vibe but oh well.)

What a dream it would be to float on a slice of pizza.

I love making condiments, and I have a feeling this Kasundi would make one very popular at a BBQ.

Hugh Acheson makes “Nicole’s Chicken Nachos” — Yes! That Nicole! — from Kris Jenner’s cookbook.

That’s one expensive painting of beef.

If you’re “not a gin person” maybe this can convince you otherwise?

Smallwares is opening Lil’ Wares with an ALL-OFFAL DINNER CAN WE GO?

Pasta. In a pie. And why not?

I’m obsessed with these tiny apartments.

Channel your inner Alice Waters and cook an egg in a fire place (in a spoon, no less).


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