what claire ate

What Claire Ate: May 1st, 2015

Ah Friday.

Lisa had invited me to tag along to a “house rewarming party” — I guess the house had cooled off? — so I grabbed a bottle of Rose and headed North.

I was told the yard was “basically a dirt pit” so I wore appropriate footwear. I was told there would be tacos so I didn’t eat anything.

One of those choices was a mistake.

Once we arrived at the dirt pit, we started drinking the wine and chatting to some nice young men on recently vacuumed couches.

I think some sunscreen got in this.

I think some sunscreen got in this.

The host went to cook the chicken for the tacos.

Some time passed and we opened our second bottle. It became apparent that I really needed those tacos.

So Lisa and I took matters into our own hands, invading the kitchen to help speed things up.


We roasted some peppers, cooked some corn (in bacon grease!), and charred some tortillas.

Then I ate some tacos.


So many tacos.



Plus a vegan muffin.


We finished our wine and hung out on a couch in the dirt pit for a little while longer, then we headed back to Lisa’s, grabbing one more taco for the road.

Road taco.

Road taco.

I enjoyed a coffee at Lisa’s while petting her dog, then headed back to my house.



Once home, I walked to Beer Bunker to meet Sean and Kira, who were out celebrating Kira’s 14th Birthday.

The Birthday Girl!

The Birthday Girl!

Sean had ordered pizza to share with some friends. I grabbed the last slice.


I also had a cider, but I can’t find the picture of it.

After some cider and some visiting, our friends had to leave to put their baby to sleep.

We walked Kira back to the house and then headed to Tanuki for sake and bar food.


We ordered the fish sauce crackerjack, edamame, and some pickles.


I had assumed the pickles would be vegetables, but I was wrong. These particular pickled items were octopus, jellyfish, taro, and shrimp.

The octopus was my favorite.

The End.


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