what claire ate

What Claire Ate: April 30th, 2015

Remember how I was going to use the weekend to “catch up on WCA”?


That didn’t happen. So here we are again. It’s Monday and I have four of these things to get through. I don’t want to rush through them though; they were all really special days.

So about Thursday.

I began the day with leftover coffee from the day before. I added ice to make it even colder.

Waste not etc.

Waste not etc.

Breakfast was a corn muffin with cheddar.


The afternoon was all about cocktail testing. I can’t tell you much more than that, but I can show you one of the casualties.

Poor penguin shaker, we hardly knew thee.

Poor penguin shaker, we hardly knew thee.

Lisa had come over to offer her services as a taste tester and by 3 pm or so we were both a little sloshed. I made us a salad with cornbread “croutons” (crumbs, really) and cheddar crisps.

A little raw onion too.

A little raw onion too.

We perfected a few more cocktails and brainstormed on a new (secret!) project we’re working on before waltzing down the road to meet up with Sean and a friend.

Then we ate some sushi.

Nigiri = mine, roll=Sean's

Nigiri = mine, roll=Sean’s

Tako balls (octopus)

Tako balls (octopus)

Lisa then left to hang out with some other, cooler friends and Sean and I drove to Washington to see what the liquor selection was like at their Total Wine.

Little did we know of the horror that await us across the river.

AS IT TURNS OUT there Washington has a liquor tax of 20.5%. So we didn’t buy any liquor at that Total Wine.

Instead, we bought six bottles of wine. (Three of which are gone now.)

When we made it back from THAT ordeal, we did some house stuff and watched some Boosh.

I ate a tomato sandwich.



Also a piece of tomato.


Also a piece of cheese.


That cheese concluded Thursday.


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