what claire ate

What Claire Ate: April 29th, 2015

I awoke with less of a hangover than I deserved and a craving for chicken. I almost never crave chicken, because chicken is the most boring meat — a duck craving would have made sense — but there I was, craving chicken.

We had been meaning to try The Country Cat’s brunch, and since weekday brunch is a thing in Portland, we did just that.

I got the chicken.

With bacon pecan spoonbread.

With bacon pecan spoonbread.

Sadly, the chicken was not very good. It was dry and the batter was hard to cut through. I didn’t really care for the spoonbread either.

So that was disappointing.

Sean’s dish, however, was very good. He had ordered the braised beef dish with poached eggs, and it was delicious.

Oh well.

I spent most of the remainder of the day cleaning, then I went to Trader Joe’s and Target to get ingredients and supplies for a cocktail post I’m working on.

When I got home, I made and drank three Arnold Palmers.

Multiply it by three.

Multiply it by three.

I also dipped Pretzel Crisps in queso, like a damn hero.


Then I ate the last bit of the fruit snacks.



On a whim, I made a batch of corn muffins.

I ate two.



That was washed down with some of my favorite ginger beer.

The End.


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