Happy Tasty Weekend Link Roundup

It’s The Tasty Weekend Roundup! Happy May!

Well. This year is certainly flying by. I plan to spend this first May weekend checking out Montavilla’s First Friday, stuffing my face at Nomad, and getting caught up on What Claire Ate. Other than that, I hope to chill.

I want to reach Kira levels of chill.

So chill.

Kira is so chill.

If you need something to read while chilling, maybe check out some of the below links. Or don’t whatever. I’m too chill to care.

This pistachio cake looks pretty sexy.

Fox makes bacon sandwich, wins internet.

Eater’s Young Guns semifinalists have been announced. (I’m going to check out #17 on Saturday.)

Why not make a Ginger Egg Cream?

This is pretty much what my talk show would look like.

Hong Kong’s hottest club is 7-11. (Stefon? Is that you?)

Sometimes animals go extinct because people don’t want to eat them.

Where do you keep your butter?

Even I wouldn’t drink this martini.

Yessss lengua tacos!


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