what claire ate

What Claire Ate: April 20th, 2015

So yesterday was 420, which is always kind of annoying because people start freaking out about “stoner food” which to me is just “food.” I don’t mind the actual stoners, it’s more the big corporations trying to capitalize on the subculture. There’s something about the whole “oh aren’t we being winky and clever while slumming it” that comes across as both dorky and a little classist.

I don’t need an excuse to eat a Doritos Locos taco, you know?

On the whole though, I enjoy the recipes and events that come out of it. I appreciate taco-themed pop-ups. I appreciate a good pizza roll recipe, though I could do without the “isn’t it terrifying that Taco Bell sold so many tacos?” rhetoric.


I began the morning with a coffee and a La Croix.

Hey little plant!

Hey little plant!

For lunch, I made fish tacos for ROTW.

I ate 2.5.

I ate 2.5.

After eating those tacos and writing ROTW (and doing other random crap), I picked up my friend Chris and headed to Fenrir for their taco pop-up.

We had:

An Orange BAM each.

an Orange BAM each,

A chorizo taco each

a chorizo taco each,

a carnitas taco each,

a carnitas taco each,

a shared order of the "chicharachos" (chicarone nachos),

a shared order of the “chicharachos” (chicarone nachos),

and a housemade Chaco Taco each.

and a housemade Choco Taco each.

The Choco Taco was my favorite part, followed quickly by the chicharachos (spelling?) and the chorizo taco.

So. Good.

So. Good.

We then left in search of more beverages, stopping at Kachka because Chris had not had the horseradish vodka and it is my mission to make sure every human has this experience.

With a pickle back, obvi.

With a pickle back, obvi.

We then drove back to my place and walked over to Beer Bunker with Sean.

I had a cider because I’m trying to stick with this “no beer because you’re allergic to it” thing.


When I got back home I made a tomato sandwich, because that’s all I want to eat these days.


I also made Sean some bacon and ate some of it myself.

I had three strips.

I had three strips.

Sean then made some rice for himself and I had a small amount with butter.

and garlic salt.

and garlic salt.

Then I went to sleep.

The end.


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