Happy Tasty Weekend Link Roundup

Claire’s Happy Weekend Tasty Week Roundup

Happy Good Friday, Easter and/or Passover or none of the above, depending on what you’re all about!


I’m writing this post from my new kitchen, standing at the counter because there are no chairs. The moving company just got here with our stuff though, so I’m gonna make this quick.

Let’s launch into the links.

What do you put on Matzo? I like butter and salt the best, maybe a little nutritional yeast on there.

Pancakes and cocktails, what more do you need?

Too real.

I love a woman who brews, but I’m not sure that makes these beers “feminist.”

If you love Jiro Dreams of Sushi, give this a gander.

Way back in the day, my husband took me here for dinner and a flamenco show. I remember feeling so grown-up ordering cocktails at the bar beforehand. (I was 21.)

Need this shirt in my life.


Speaking of Easter, which chocolate would you rather have in your basket? This super-fancy goose with luggage? Or Benedict Cumberbatch.

And finally, a very important question: Which is better, Chili’s or Olive Garden?


2 thoughts on “Claire’s Happy Weekend Tasty Week Roundup

  1. If you swap out ‘mustard’ for ‘hot sauce,’ that’s basically my autobiography.
    I am going to try SO HARD to work the phrase “A yellow and brown nightmare” into conversation.
    God, I haven’t had matzo in forever. Bit dry for me, and since I don’t following any religious-based dietary restrictions, I’ll continue to pass on it. We’re doing an Easter brunch (because Sunday happens to be Easter) so I’m doing a bunch of baking and we’re gonna drink fizzy punches and hail Satan. You know, the usual

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