what claire ate

What Claire Ate: April 1st, 2015

Breakfast was two soft-boiled eggs and some grapefruit juice.

I'm pretty good at timing them.

I’m pretty good at timing them.


I felt worse than I had the day before, so lunch was homemade chicken broth with a lot of garlic and a splash of apple cider vinegar. It didn’t cure me, but it did soothe my throat.

Pretty boring picture.

Pretty boring picture.

I had a couple of chocolate/pb cravings that could not be denied.

DIY version

DIY version

Delicious store-bought version.

Delicious store-bought version.

We had some errands to run, and while we were out we stopped at the ABV happy hour for supper. I had a grilled Caesar and some fries.

No beer though.

No beer though.

Later, while watching one of my least favorite Doctor Who episodes, I ate some chips and hummus and then some strawberries.





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