Happy Tasty Weekend Link Roundup

Claire’s Happy Weekend Tasty Week Roundup

It’s the freakin’ weekend, so that means it’s time for more cool links.

But first, what’s happening with you this weekend? We’re about to go get the keys to our new place, so I assume we’ll be doing some moving-related stuff. Also I’ve agreed to do karaoke tomorrow night, so I apologize to the world in advance.

Anyway, about those links.

Meredith (laying down on rock) really embodies the weekend spirit.

My sister Meredith (laying down on rock) really embodies the weekend spirit.

This is almost exactly how my mom makes beef stew, and it is delicious.

Sorry, can’t talk. Too busy obsessing over this Instagram account.

I’m not sure how I feel about “feminist beer.”

Do you want to make your own cheese in 15 minutes? Of course you do. Think of how impressive that would be.

Don’t go to McDonald’s for pie. Make these instead.

Pinot Noir, Caviar (MUST HAVE)

I’m actually a bit hungover right now and would like this in my mouth.

Should I make my own coffee pour-over station??

I have a nail polish that looks like this cake.

Have doughnuts gone too far?


9 thoughts on “Claire’s Happy Weekend Tasty Week Roundup

  1. I second your feminist beer discomfort, for two reasons:
    1) as many other people have pointed out, calling a beer “feminist” isn’t going to have a meaningful impact on the ways women are actually physically threatened by objectification (e.g. street and online harassment, anti-choice legislation, etc) and
    2) Irish red ale? Please. I mean we obviously deserve basic human rights of bodily autonomy and common decency, but if beer is our consolation prize, can’t it at least be something delicious?

  2. Em says:

    For YEARS I raved about my mom’s brisket. One day I finally asked her to reveal the big secret recipe. Turned out the marinade was made of brown sugar…soy sauce…and a jar of Pace Picante. I was aghast, expecting some sort of complicated spice mixture and vinegar and shit. Nope. But it’s so GOOD!

  3. I’m not going to say donuts IN GENERAL have gone to far, but that one looks plain gross. I am biased though, I think I ate Pop-Tarts for breakfast for a few months in middle school and find them to be disgusting.
    Agreed on the Irish Red Ale point

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