Mid-Week Gratitude Break

Mid-Week Gratitude Break: We Found a Place to LIVE!

Hello cats and kittens and welcome to my mid-week gratitude break where I discuss a few things I am thankful for, both big and small.


Some of you may know that we have been staying with a friend. We have enjoyed our time with him immensely, but I miss my stuff and having more space. We thought we were going to be in Hillsboro a bit longer, but we found a place IN Portland and I am SO excited. It was built in 1890, has an

amazing kitchen with a gas range, and apparently used to be a cat house. This is the only picture I have of it (and yeah, I know I posted it already):

The living room.

The living room.

2. Cool finds at thrift stores (the picture says it all):

Can't wait to blast this.

Can’t wait to blast this.

3. My duck prosciutto came out beautifully.

I made this in my closet.

I made this in my closet.

4. The PDX carpet isn’t gone yet!

The new carpet sucks, tbh.

The new carpet sucks, tbh.

Though I think the mania is getting a little out of control. The floor covering even has its own beer.

5. But most of all, I’m just really grateful that a sandwich made it into space.


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