Claire’s Happy Weekend Tasty Link Roundup

Happy Friday and happy first day of spring! Friday’s are the best because you haven’t wasted the weekend yet and are still so full of hope. Spring is great because you still have grand visions of hiking and “being outdoorsy” every weekend. My weekend will hopefully include house browsing, CSA matching, and the settling of Catan while drinking beer. All in all it should be a hoot.

I hope yours is fun and filled with tasty treats and beverages. If you need something to read/buy/cook, may I suggest any of the ten links below? I picked them myself!

Angie says "Happy Spring!"

Angie says “Happy Spring!” (Don’t worry, she did not eat the poisonous daffodil.)

Is there anything I want to make more than Frida Kahlo’s double-fried chicken? No. There is not.

Would you like a shake with those shoes?

Why the freak haven’t I been making Pocky?

I have traumatic memories of my step-dad eating gefilte fish, but this terrine sounds amazing.

Five dinners for when you don’t know what to make.

So skeptical of and intrigued by this.

Bender is perhaps my favorite cocktail column.

A “WELCOME SPRING!” brunch sounds pretty fantastic.

Japan is way better at Kit-Kats than we are.

This cake is cute and kind of creepy at the same time.

What are your weekend plans? Do they involve cooking and eating? (I hope so, I hear not eating is bad for you.)


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