what claire ate

What Claire Ate: March 16th, 2015

Started the day with coffee and actually managed to snap a pic of it.


Didn’t really eat breakfast, but I did eat a sample at Trader Joe’s.

Some sort of salad.

Some sort of salad.

Lunch was leftover Pakistani food, all mixed together in a bowl.

With a dollop of yogurt.

With a dollop of yogurt.

Then I made chocolate-covered bananas for Recipe of the Week and ate some of the chocolate.


Then I ate one of the bananas.


With some more coffee.


Supper was roasted chicken and potatoes with Caesar salad.


Then I ate a couple of pieces of candy and another banana while playing Battleship.

Popcorn caramel

Popcorn caramel (sorry for the jacked up nails)

Tangerine lolipop

Tangerine lolipop

Not pictured: the other banana. It looked like the first one.


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