what claire ate

What Claire Ate: February 28th, 2015

I woke up pretty late, but still had time to shower and grab a coffee before going to the whiskey pairing Class being held at The Old Gold for Render’s #FemFoodFebIMG_2692

I didn’t get a pic of every whiskey and every plate — I was to busy paying attention to the class — but I did get a pic of the menu.

IMG_2693But when the quail eggs came out, I couldn’t resist snapping a photo.

The prettiest plate.

The prettiest plate.

I also got a pic of the dessert.

More like beignYAYS.

More like beignYAYS.

After class, we went to get Sean more food (the small plates hadn’t quite filled him up). I got a Diet Coke and ate some of his chips.



Then we went to Fry’s so Sean could get a headset. Fry’s is a pretty weird place, tbh.

Then we went home.

I cleaned some things, ate a popsicle, and made some bone marrow.

I then ate that bone marrow.

I then ate that bone marrow.

This pop.

Wrong order, but you get the idea.

I also ate this pickle.


Around 9 pm, we headed out to Prost to meet some people for some drinks. I drank 3 beers (only two pictured) and got some soup.

IMG_2708 IMG_2713 IMG_2712

Fueled by German beer, we stopped to get McDonald’s on the way home.

It wasn’t the worst choice, but it was a terrible choice.



This will be the last WCA for a bit, as the next five days worth of food will be featured on xoJane.

So. I guess I’ll see you later.


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