What Claire Ate: November 16th, 2014

Sunday began early. Marianne (of xoJane fame) was stopping in Seattle during her Amtrak residency, and Amanda and I took a little day trip to pay her a visit.



Breakfast was a piroshky from PIROSHKY PIROSHKY. I ordered the beef and cheese.



It was delightful.

We then sauntered to a Bavarian meat place and shared a sausage. The dude at the counter cut it up into three equal pieces because he was very nice.

Con mustard.

1 of 3 Diet Cokes consumed.

We sauntered around some more, and eventually sauntered right into the Fluevog store.

I tried these on.



I did not buy them though, because money dollars.

The sales dude told us that Capitol Hill was pretty chill, so we sauntered there.

We had some fried seafood at a little hole in the wall place.

Hot. Fresh. Fried.

Hot. Fresh. Fried.

After more sauntering, and some light shopping, we stopped for a cocktail.

Thanks Marianne!

Thanks Marianne!

Then we headed to Uwajimaya: a wonderland of Asian goods.

The ground pork was shaped like a pig!

Just in case you forgot where pork came from, I guess.

Just in case you forgot where pork came from, I guess.

The store also had a lovely bookstore and food court.

I — predictably — got the dish most likely to be off-putting to others.



The Hawaiian plate with Spam, scrambled eggs, rice, and macaroni salad. It was delicious.

Then we had to drop Marianne off and saunter on home because Portland is a bit of drive from Seattle.

Totally worth it though.


Taken while we were illegally parked and there was a bus coming.


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