what claire ate

What Claire Ate: November 9th, 2014

Ugggh this day has some holes in it as well (reviews, etc.). Hopefully I’ll finish up the tasting today and you can see what I’ve been working on later this week.


I made a pretty boss breakfast sandwich.

Pretty boss.

Pretty boss.

After fueling myself with eggs and cheese and toast, I attempted the most treacherous of shopping tasks: shopping for jeans (and a bra).

Miraculously, this did not end in tears. I found a nice pair of Levi’s for $40 and a cute Calvin Kline bra for $35.

Also, no sales tax is real nice.


Sean and Matte (our current roommate) decided they wanted to go buy some running hats or something. I waited with another friend in a McMenamins.

I got a really nice martini.

I had a craving.

I had a craving.

My friend (who does not drink) got breadsticks. I ate a couple of those breadsticks.



Sean and Matt finished their shopping and met us.

I ordered some tots. (They were $2!)

Sean stole some.

Sean stole some.

Later, at home, I had some tea (not pictured) and painted my nails. Then Sean and I ate bagels and watched The Newsroom.

Bagels: it's what's for dinner when you've been snacking all day.

Bagels: it’s what’s for dinner when you’ve been snacking all day.

Oh, and throughout the day, I drank a couple of glasses of tangerine juice.

I love tangerine juice.

I love tangerine juice.



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