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What Claire Ate: October 8th, 2014

I didn’t eat a lot, but I did eat poorly.

I had coffee. You know what that looks like.

I made a cheese omelette.

I ate half of it.

I ate half of it.

Early evening, I met Katie for some beers at 7th. She gave me this necklace that I will treasure forever.


We drank beers.

Much beers.

Much beers.

Then we went to Dunedin Brewery and I drank more beers.

Two more, I think.

Two more, I think.

I ate these chips for dinner.



I also stole some of Sean’s fries and a couple bites of his chicken tenders.


2 thoughts on “What Claire Ate: October 8th, 2014

  1. I visited the Duneidin brewery once, with my future father-in-law. The beer was super good but the massive terrible white people with dreads drum circle drove us to the wet patio.

    And what would Sonya think of your cheese omlette?!

    • OMG THE DRUM CIRCLE. I never go inside during the drum circle nights. Actually, I almost never go inside the main bar, just to the little Nook place.

      Sonya would be like “maybe use beans and sprouts instead of cheese and just egg whites” and would have fainted at the chips. It must be hard to be Sonya.

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