what claire ate

What Claire Ate: September 30th, 2014

And we’re back!

I got a new phone and everything.

Anyway, yesterday I had a burrito for “breakfast” (aka my first meal of the day) but it was not a breakfast burrito.

I'm usually more about the tacos,but I needed this.

I’m usually more about the tacos, but I needed this.

I did some packing/cleaning/moping (I was in a terrible mood yesterday) and then ate some clementines.



Sean made some grilled cheeses and tomato soup; I snacked on these croutons.

They also went in the soup.

They also went in the soup.

Thanks, Sean!

Thanks, Sean!

We got the cat a harness for our upcoming road trip, an idea that seemed really dumb at first until Sean pointed out that having him on a leash meant they we were much less likely to have to chase a cat around a rest stop.

Not thrilled.

Not thrilled.

We took him for a test ride to McDonald’s because we wanted McFlurries.

He actually did quite well and didn’t even howl or anything.

The McFlurries were good too.

Always good.

Always good.


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