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Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer!

Lueken’s is a wonderful place; you never know what treasures you will find.

And why not?

And why not?

Case in point: this freaking PIZZA BEER.

I had seen various links and reviews of it a while back, but wasn’t that interested, as I have been disappointed by many a novelty beer. But I was feeling impulsive on Friday, and we were having spaghetti for dinner, so an ale brewed with oregano, tomatoes, basil and garlic appealed to me in the moment.

Plus, it was only $2.49.

The label recommends that you drink Pizza Beer from a wine glass, so I obliged.



It was orange in color with a strong aroma of oregano and yeast. The smell reminded me of hungover mornings, when the smell of ale and pizza still permeates your home, but isn’t entirely welcome.

No head, really.

No head, really.

The first sip was very pizza-y. The strongest flavor was oregano, followed by a little basil, some tomato (mostly just a little sweetness and acidity), can’t say that I tasted garlic.

I liked it. The pizza flavor fades as you drink it, and you are left with a fairly bland (though yeasty) amber ale. I drank the whole bottle; it paired well with spaghetti (in the way that chocolate pairs well with more chocolate).

I would drink it if it was there, but probably wouldn’t buy it again. Worth trying though; it really does taste of pizza.


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