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What Claire Ate: May 26th, 2014

I don’t think I took pics of everything I ate and drank yesterday, so this post will be supplemented with words.

I woke up veeery late and decided to make the day a “book day.” I went to Starbucks to try and work on it, but several factors prohibited this:

1. Parking in Downtown Clearwater is limited to one stupid hour. Considering the fact that the area is DEAD and starving for business, you would think the city would take measures to make it more inviting, like parking for longer than an hour or maybe even free parking. I DUNNO. Anyway, I paid for an hour and figured I would just refill the meter as needed. It ended up not being needed.

2. The wi-fi was terrible. So that sucked.

I ended up staying about 45 minutes and during that time I had one of their new croissants and it was one of the worst pastries I’ve ever had.

Only ate a few bites and then tossed.

Only ate a few bites and then tossed.

I also had a venti black tea.

Once I realized that writing at Starbucks was a terrible idea, I went home and ate two hot dogs because I had seen a lot of bbq pictures this weekend and it had created a craving.

Kind of.

Kind of.

Well, really like one and a half hot dogs. I put too much stuff on them and they kind of fell apart, so I didn’t end up eating all of them.

Oh well.

Then I went to work at House of Beer because, not only do they have consistently working internet, they also have beer.

I forgot to take pictures of the beer.

The time at the bar was much more productive than the time at Starbucks.

Errands and groceries were next. We picked up a rotisserie chicken at Publix. I was pretty hungry when we got home, so I tore into that.

Like an animal.

Like an animal.

Then I made a really sloppy “taco.”


Later on I had some watermelon.

Bowl included!

Bowl included!

Sean also made me half of a bagel, but I forgot to photograph it.





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