Eating, what claire ate

What Claire: May 9th, 2014

Lunch was the first meal of the day and, since it was Friday, we went out for Thai food.

We both love soup.

We both love soup.

ginger beef

ginger beef

Then we got coffee, to help us make it through the last few hours of work.


Later I ate the rest of that spelt risotto stuff. I added a little cheese.

Bowls o'l veggie slop.

Bowls o’l veggie slop.

Sean didn’t get back from swimming until around 8, so we had a late supper of Trader Joe’s Chicken Lime Burgers and sweet potatoes.


Then I had a little bit of this homemade coconut “ice cream.”


Then we called it a day, because we were both running races in the morning.



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