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New Year, New Restaurants

Happy New Year Kittens!

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and are not experiencing too much post-Holiday let down.

Highlights from December/January included:

  • Sean getting me a new, grown-up human camera (Canon Rebel SL1), so there should be a noticeable improvement in my pictures (maybe).
  • A trip to New York (we stayed in Brooklyn with our dear friends John and Danielle), which included MANY a culinary excursion (post coming soon).
  • Sean ran the Disney Marathon
Example of food porn with new camera

Example of food porn with new camera

Post-Race Sean

Post-Race Sean

In between all the jetting around (I also spent a week in Mississippi) we somehow managed to go to Bern’s twice in the span of a month. Bern’s is easily my favorite restaurant in the Tampa Bay area, but I need to branch out, if only for the sake of $$$.

So here, in no particular order, are three Tampa Bay restaurants I want to check out.

1. edison food + drink lab

This place is trying pretty hard with the whole lab shtick, and I LOVE IT. Their only formula is product+technique+creativity^2, which doesn’t mean much, but I like all formulas regardless of whether they make sense or not.

  • Eat: chicken liver foie gras mousse > pickled plum, madras cashew crunch, lemongrass jam, toasted croutes; roasted marrow bone > truffled white bean purée, parsley white trumpet lardon salad, black garlic yuzu gastrique; bone marrow crusted halibut > rice bean lamb bacon cassoulet, organic swiss chard, root vegetables, orange juniper jus
  • Drink: Stock Ticker>High West Double Rye! Whiskey, Cocchi Vermouth di Torino, Bittermens Boston Bittahs
  • Sweet: peanut butter chicory > peanut butter cookie Liquid N2 shake; vacuum pot single origin coffee [prepared table side]

2. The Refinery

With a menu that changes weekly, and locally-sourced, ethically-produced food, I would expect to find this restaurant in Portland or Brooklyn. But it ‘s in Tampa, and that’s super fortunate because I really want to put their food in my mouth. WHAT IS CHOCOLATE BEET GUMBO? I don’t know, babes. All I know is that I want it. Unfortunately by the time I get there, the menu will be completely different.

  • Eat: BBQ Fried Chicken Livers>chocolate-beet gumbo, pickled okra; The Burger>English cheddar, dill pickles, tempura crisps, peanut butter-popcorn powder, candied apple aioli, Yukon gold fries
  • Drink: The usual hipster PBR or craft beer. Also they have a good wine list that I can’t access online.
  • Sweet: Red Pepper Sour Cream Cake> cinnamon cream cheese, spiced carambola jam

3. Cigar City Brewpub

This opened up aaaaages ago. It’s kind of far from me, but I need to go ahead and make the trek. Even if the food isn’t very good, I already know I love Cigar City beer, so there’s no losing here.

  • Eat: maduro brown ale cheese soup>smoked paprika & homemade popcorn; vande rose farms duroc pork chicharrones>mojo salt & lime; rum-cured wood-smoked swordfish tacos>malanga boats, house-pickled cabbage & pickeled jalapeños
  • Drink: Beer, obvs. Probably Angry Chair Brewing BANANA CREAM PIE or Cigar City Brewing and De Proefbrouwerij TROPICAL TRIPEL (BELGIUM)
  • Sweet: warm bread pudding of the day

How does all that sound? I think it sounds pretty good. When should we go?


5 thoughts on “New Year, New Restaurants

  1. Jasmin Napier says:

    Okay, I want to try The Refinery. Love your articles Claire. And hats off to Sean on the run. I would have done the same on a post run drink….Mmmmm, I will enjoy my wine right now.

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