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What Claire Ate: You Guys Are Really Enthusiastic When I Eat Salad

I posted a picture of a salad Friday night on Instagram and it go a lot of likes. I think the enthusiasm was partly due to the fact that people may have thought that I made the salad. I did not, but I did eat it.

But we’ll get to that later.

Let me start by saying that if Diet Coke had a theme song, it would be this.

I'm addicted to you...blah blah blah.

I’m addicted to you…blah blah blah.

In addition to poison, I also had this sandwich.

Yeah, I ate the whole thing.

Yeah, I ate the whole thing.

No snacks were needed for the remainder of the day.

That evening, Sean and I got pretty and went here for a date night.

I ordered this, which was basically just muddled strawberries and gin.

It was good.

It was good.

We shared some goat cheese and a flat bread.


Then I got this salad and people were really supportive.

It was delicious.

It was delicious.

I mean, it was a beautiful salad.

I also had two glasses of wine.

But only photographed one.

But only photographed one.

Instead of ordering dessert, we just picked up Chocolate Moose Tracks and went home and listened to albums.

Dogs can't have any.

Dogs can’t have any.

We listened to Tusk, because I am obsessed with Tusk.






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