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What Claire Ate: Sunday Almost Killed Me

So sensible.

So sensible.

Things started out so reasonably. A smoothie. An all-fruit smoothie. I was practically a super hero.

Then I cleaned my kitchen and did some shopping for an upcoming xoJane post. Everything was going so well.

And then I went to a sports bar.

Less sensible.
Less sensible.

I ordered beer number one and a personal pizza. It’s a really good pizza with grilled chicken and goat cheese and caramelized onions and bacon.


There's goat cheese on it. It's fine.

Pizza-eating mood lighting

Moving on.

Second beer.

Second beer.

Then my game didn’t go so well so I ordered hot wings.

Things took a term.

Things took a term.

THEN I made sausage gravy and biscuits for my visiting family FROM SCRATCH (tutorial coming soon).

I had half a biscuit with some gravy.

It was good.

Then things got worse.

Then things got worse.

THEN ย I made CHOCOLATE gravy.

I had a whole biscuit with the chocolate gravy.

What kind of monster...

What kind of monster…

Then I died.







10 thoughts on “What Claire Ate: Sunday Almost Killed Me

      • Have you ever been tested for Celiac Disease (wheat gluten intolerance)? We never realized anyone in our family had it, until our youngest daughter tested positive for it (totally out of the blue; we never even would have suspected it, since she had none of the “recognized” symptoms).

      • How sick did all of that stuff make you? The funny thing is, about 1% of the general population has CD, but 97% of them don’t know they have it.

        Other folks are simply gluten sensitive.

        The only way that we knew about this is that our youngest daughter had Down syndrome; their CD incidence is much higher than the general population, so they are routinely screened for it.

        After our daughter’s tests, our entire family got tested – I’m the only one who carries one of the genes (none of our other kids has it), but 40% of the population carries it, and only a fraction of them develop CD.

        That having been said, my husband carries the gene seen in 4% of the people who develop CD; he tested negative for CD, but he has found that he feels MUCH better on a GF diet (and lots of his “health” numbers have improved as well).

        I apparently had the dermatological form of it; my bloodwork came back negative, but when I started on a GF diet, The Rash That Could Not Be Cured started going away.

        You can go to www dot celiac dot com if you want more information – it probably wouldn’t hurt to get tested if you had such a bad reaction after eating (and drinking – beer has TONS of gluten in it) all of that.

        I was amazed at how eliminating 3 simple ingredients from my diet made such a HUGE change in how I feel; I can definitely tell when I accidentally get hold of one of them….. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Oh, it really didn’t feel too terrible. Just a little nauseated from eating too much rich food. No terrible stomach pains or anything. I tend towards the melodramatic though.

        That’s all very interesting information, though! I didn’t know it could affect your skin!

      • Didn’t look like “rich” food to me (I tend to think of “rich” food as having lots of cream and butter)

        If you felt nauseated, you may want to just make a note of how you feel after “wheat-y” meals (imagine me saying that in my best “Mom” voice…..)

        I didn’t know that about the skin, either – I kept getting sores that wouldn’t heal for months; stymied my regular doctor AND my dermatologist for years.

        GF diet – after a week, they started clearing up and only come back if I accidentally eat wheat. Go figure ๐Ÿ˜›

  1. I also ran across an allergy test that my parents had done when I was a kid – way back in the days when they injected you with every allergen known to man – turns out I’m allergic to wheat!

    I’d been ingesting it for over 45 years by the time our daughter was diagnosed; all of those allergies (constant), colds (if it was going around, I’d catch it), and things that I had been attributing to just getting older (mild arthritis, tiredness, etc.) magically disappeared as soon as I quit eating wheat and barley (the barley/malt thing cemented a CD diagnosis; I never liked the taste of rye, so that wasn’t a problem).

    I also lost over 40 pounds without even trying, and my muscle mass increased significantly without any exercise, and OMG the energy! (I’m a lazy-bones, but it turned out there was another – medical – reason for that, totally unrelated to gluten issues).

    Sorry to go on so long; you’ll find that people who have CD just want to make sure that anyone who MIGHT have it gets tested – the “cure” is such a simple solution!

    Bear in mind that even if you test negative, you might be gluten sensitive – the test only confirms full-blown Celiac Disease. You may want to try a GF diet for a month or so, just to see how you feel (just don’t try it before you get tested, or you could skew the results).

    You can click on my name to get my e-mail address if you’d like more information – I hate to clog up your blog with this (my kids say, “Here we go again!” all the time…… ๐Ÿ˜› ). Just click on the “Contact Me” link; I’m always happy to share any information that I can about this.

  2. (That should read “has Down syndrome” – youngest daughter is still here!)

    She was diagnosed with CD in April, 2008, when she was 7 years old; her “numbers” all returned to normal after a year on a GF diet. She will have to stay on a GF diet for the rest of her life; it’s been pretty simple so far.

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