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Remember the Jolly Trolley Times?

I kiiiiiiinda do.

In retrospect, it doesn’t seem like I drank that much…but it felt like I did, bibbles.

But hey! Where have I been recently? Why, I’ve been writing a bunch for! Check me out.

It should be noted that one of my coworkers referred to my xo profile pic as “terrifying.” Shut UP Steve.

Also, really important: My hair is a different color.

I'd do me.

I’d do me.


Anybass! Katie and I decided it would be a really grood idea to pay $20 for a trolley that went between three beer bars. There was free beer on said trolley and it was GOOD BEER, bibbles.


Just a couple of warriors.

Just a couple of warriors.


Before we embarked, I ate a bagel.

Bagel Times.

Bagel Times.


We got wristbands, you know like in a club. Club Trolley Times.

I haven't been this excited about a wristband in a while.

I haven’t been this excited about a wristband in a while.


Then we drank some beers.



My Trolley Beer.

My Trolley Beer.


Katie's Trolley Beer. She's so CUTE.

Katie’s Trolley Beer. She’s so CUTE.


Then we arrived at the Palm Harbor House of Beer and some lady was all “LOOK AT THIS SHIRTLESS PICTURE OF THE GUY FROM SUPERNATURAL.”

And we were all “Ehhhh…”

Then we murdered the awkward silence by ordering more beer (these were $1 off bee-tee-dubstep).

2nd Trolley Beer + Chips+ Dogfish Head Noble Rot = Color Coordinated

2nd Trolley Beer + Chips+ Dogfish Head Noble Rot = Color Coordinated

Katie was also color coordinated.

Katie was also color coordinated.


Back to Klub Trolley Timez.

We had some more Trolley Beerz. I forgot to take their pictures but YOU KNOW WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE.

Next Stop: Tarpon Tap House

I would like to issue a public apology to everyone at Tarpon Tap House who had to listen to me yell about vibrators. Klub Trolley Thymez makes you say the craziest things!

Who knows guys...

Who knows guys…


I KNOW I had two beers. Yet there is only one picture. Such is the life of a patron of Klub Troll-E Timesauce.

French fried potatoes were had.

Tasty Times.

Tasty Times.


I’d like to apologize to the bartender, who had to deal with these monsters:

It's fiiiine guys.

It’s fiiiine guys.


Then I saw someone I knew in Club-a-baby-seal Trolly Times and we HAD TO GET BACK ON.

More beer was had and I spilled some on my purse but it’s fiiine, thank you for asking.

It's dark in da klub.

It’s dark in da klub.


I know, at this point, that I am missing at least three beer photos…and like all of Katie’s beers, but you guys get the idea.

We had come full circle back to Dunedin HOB. I put $5 in the jukebox, picked some songs, and went outside where I couldn’t really hear my songs.

Then this happened:

Real quick shout out to our waitress at Pan Y Vino who was a gorgeous goddess and super nice to us!



We were later provided with crayons.

We were later provided with crayons.



You know...

You know…


Then, my saint of a saintly perfect husband came and retrieved us.

He fed me McDonalds (how?) and vitamins and made me drink water and watched Downton Abbey with me.

And I took a lot of pictures with Kira.

Here’s one now!




Moral of the story: What happens at Club Trolley Times does not stay at Klub Trollee Timez because it’s an open air trolley and people CAN SEE YOU.



















2 thoughts on “Remember the Jolly Trolley Times?

  1. I am going to be a total creeper and say how awesome you are! wait that’s not creeper that’s nice! I love reading your stuff i stumbled upo nhere from xojane and your take on food is ahmazing. I wish we could be food adventure buddies.

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