How is your year so far?

Mine is not bad.

I started writing some for I wrote about a lot of things guys: peanut butter & pickle sandwiches, calibrating your oven, and cooking eggs in your oven (pinterest style).

Really hard-hitting journalism. You know, asking the questions people are too afraid to ask. Really getting in there and exploring the issues.

I was thinking about once again starting to post pictures of what I eat every day, but with very little text. Do you guys care anymore?

Also, Angie is getting famous. People have requested I write a post dedicated entirely to her.

I'll make you famous.

I’ll make you famous.


You can see why, right?


10 thoughts on “How is your year so far?

  1. I have only two blogs that i want emails from when they post updates… one is yours. Come on!! How is a girl supposed to enjoy reading/writing when I don’t see the fun writers… write. I’m a horrible writer. Hope this doesn’t sound like heckling. You are missed! 🙂

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