Alcohol, Awkward, Beer, Eating, Sweets

A Monday is a Monday is a Monday…

Even when I’m not at work, Monday refuses to not be a bitch.

On a whole, it really wasn’t horrible…but some aspects…you will see.

First, we went to meet Sean’s family at a pizza place that gives you your own pitcher of beverage. This is decidedly awesome!



Then I decided to start with a salad. Salad, which I usually like to describe as “innocuous” was kind of a whore that day.

Innocuous looking?


Anyway, about this pile of leafy green evil: It somehow ended up in my lap. The whole thing. In. My. Lap. I was just sitting down and I hit it with my elbow. The dressing was Italian. I had no time to go change. Wasn’t that special. I was so angry I couldn’t even get another salad.

I just ate pizza. Which I forgot to take a picture of. Because I was so angry.

Anyklause, by the time we got into DC and to the National Gallery, I smelled less like vinegar. W00t.

Then I saw some of my favorite paintings ever. The pictures obviously do not do them justice. DID YOU GUYS KNOW THE NATIONAL GALLERY IS NOT PART OF THE SMITHSONIAN??

No, neither did I.

Van Gogh

Mr. Close ❤

Donchu wanna put your name on it?


Then we left, and while I was crossing the street, I fell and twisted my ankle. Luckily, there was a group of teenage boys also crossing the street. They helped me up. Which is good, since Sean and his father had not noticed my tumble.

I got this peppermint mocha to placate myself.

Fox in the Snow.


Then I got some beer to further placate myself.

What were you?

Banana Bread Beer


Also, there were veggies. BUT NOT SALAD. I WAS STILL MAD AT SALAD.



Then we went to the bar that my sister-in-law tends and I got a vodka ginger ale, a quesadilla, and this:



I usually don’t like appletinis, but Tiff makes them strong and good.

We also played some pool.

I didn’t win a lot.

I also did not throw a tantrum.


Hey cutie.


Then we went to see Flight. This was at one of those theaters that has alcohol and expensive chocolate. I got something called “the junk”.

Yup. Drink it in.


Also: make-believe garter tights.


That’s popcorn, potato chips, rice krispie treats, and pretzels…with chocolate and caramel.

Monday was looking up.

When the movie ended, I noticed I had a sore throat.

It was also raining.









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