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The Halfway Point

Oh hai gurlz haaaaiii!!!

I’m about halfway through my DC/Virginia trip and reckoned I should upload some of this otherwise the whole weekend will be one blog and it will be too unwieldy and I’ll never write it and you’ll always wonder what I ate this fateful weekend in November.

So anyhouse.

We had to go to the airport (obvs) and neither of us had eaten so we ate at Chili’s Too!


Worst ‘Rita Ever.

Meh meh meh.

Guys. Guys. I really hate Chili’s and it’s son (you see what I did there???).

We then got on the plane. I really hate flying. The pressure somehow summons moldy cotton into my cranium. And there I sit. Moldy cotton for brains for close to two hours…

Anyballs, we land, got to our hotel, and guess who show’s up?



Then we all went to Amphora!


That’s a really good shake, guys.


Let me explain this sandwich. It’s called a “sailor”…or, If you are my Stacy, it is called a “dirty sailor”. Sure.

The players: Pastrami, Coleslaw, Swiss Cheese.

All ingredients are capitalized because they are all very important and deserve our respect.

Those Fries also deserve our respect.

In the morning, I ate some of these:

Great +Good = Grood.


Then…we went BACK TO AMPHORA.

We think that place is real groovy.

I kept it simple with a BLT.



Then there was a festival of Fall!

So Autumnal.


I’m just going to post a whole bunch of pics of leaves and shit, K?

After our hippie-fest, we went to a little welcome dinner for the wedding guests. I ate a lot of all of the things and drank a lot of all of the wine.



What a spread.


This is Sean’s cousin:

What a strong family resemblance!


Sean’s aunt made us all these cookies! What a peach!

They good, bibbles.


Then we decided to go to the Dogfish Head Ale House…GUYS DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID?

While waiting at an insufferably long tollbooth, I ate some things from the welcome bag.

I did not share with Sean.


I did not take a picture of my beer at Dogfish…I got the Palo Santo Marron, if you care.

In the morning, I ate another cinnamon roll.

Pretty Lady.


And I think I’m going to wrap it up here, bibbles. We went to Dogfish again (surprise) and I think that trip deserves it’s own post.




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