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October Photo Fest

Hey bibbles, a lot happened in October. This post is going to be pretty photo heavy.

First and foremost, Sean finished his first Triathlon! Here’s a pic of him emerging from the sea.

Like a merman.


At the triathlon (I had to wake up at 4:45 bee-tee-dubs) I met these adorable dogs!

My new best friends!


After the tri, we went to this farm with John and Danielle to get our pumpkins.

They’re so big, round, and out there.


Fresh-pressed cider for a fresh-pressed triathlete (what?).


I got to pet this chicken. She was nice.

Just pettin’ a goat.


We also did the corn maze and the girls beat the boys at this game where you throw bean bags in a hole. I forget what it’s called.

Autumn love.

Another great thing about fall is the beer…obviously. The one below is an Octoberfest/Pumpkin hybrid and I like it a lot. Sean does not like it. I’ll probably do another post devoted to fall beers. That is the plan, at least.

Pretty good.


I also made this pie. It is chocolate.

Scaaaaaary bat piiiiieeee…


Other fall-themed things I love:

Gourds in a cheese dome!

A giant candy corn in a cloche!


October also means stone crab season!

Sean’s nightmare; Claire’s dream

To wash down the stone crab!


After the stone crab, we took a stroll.

What a tall drink of water.

I turned around for two seconds…

He got sand in his hair.

Costumes: I was pretty happy with them. While we were shopping for Sean’s Halloween costume, I found this:



Sean was a very convincing Wayne Coyne. Wayne Coyne even re-tweeted this picture!



I was the galaxy. Danielle did my makeup!

She is truly an artist.

Flirting with the photog.

Speaking of Danielle and her artistry, she is now a free-lance makeup artist for MAC! Here is the look she did on my face for her interview!

A natural look.

We went out the Saturday before Halloween. Two wonderful things happen.

Firstly, Josh and Katie were Pee-Wee Herman and Miss. Yvonne.


Those guys.


The other awesome thing that happened is that I finally finished my railcard at Dunedin House of Beer!

Victory is mine!


On Halloween itself, I was greeted with a full-size Snickers bar upon entering my place of work.

Employee Appreciation

Bat nails!

I made cake balls! They are so annoying to make!


A few days later, I saw this outside the lab.

A few hours later, I saw the wrapper in the trash…


P.S. Sorry I did this whole thing in blockquote. I did not realize.


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