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We’re Skipping Sunday

Deal with it.

We are going to skip Tuesday too.

Simply because I forgot to take the necessary pictures.


Monday. Following an amazing trip to Trader Joe’s in Sarasota (we’re getting closer!), I decided to try out their breakfast box.

It’s breakfast! In a box!


It wasn’t that great.

But I also had this clementine.

I like to smell like these.

It was pretty much the best.

I had also tried my hand at a brisket on Sunday…

The results were meh…but I still have to eat it.

I was half-way through eating it…it looks…awful.


I obviously need to back up on these pics.

I also had this FRESH MOZZARELLA STICK from Trader Joe’s.

It is life-changing.

It looks like string cheese…but it is so much more.


And I had this tea. I am now out of these and I am sad.

I will miss you.


When I went home. I had an awesome snack…also brought to you by TJ’s.

You don’t even know.

At a loss for words.


Then I went to the gym and pumped up my guns.

Then I had a TJ’s smorgasbord.

With olives and pickles and chocolate cheese (yes, that is correct) and honey goat cheese and olive bread…wow.

Feast your eyes while I feast my face.


And maybe I had a mango yogurt bar?

I didn’t take a pic of it…but maybe…

Anyway…my legs hurt like a bitch because I was just with the sadist.

I’m going to go drink wine in the bath (maybe).









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