Alcohol, Awkward, Eating, Fall, Pumpkins, Sweets


Like…boy pushups.

I also started tracking calories because apparently I want to be “that obnoxious person who tracks calories on her iPhone at the dinner table”.

If you do this…I’m sorry I just called you “obnoxious”…but at least we are obnoxious TOGETHER.

Solidarity…rah rah.



Breakfast was (predictably) some of that pumpkin cake.

Who wants yesterday’s picture?


Lunch was rice, chixxen, and peas…with one of those hilarious cow wedge things.

Exciting times…


Then I stole a co-worker’s expired yogurt…

Hand out.


And yeah, this is the SECOND time I’ve posted an expired yogurt…I have another in the fridge…what’s it gonna do? Get more rotten? It’s already there! By definition!

After going to the gym and gettin’ all ripped…let me stop real quick and tell you what a bitch I was at the gym…like really whiny and awful…But! I did really well physically…it was weird.

SO AFTER bitchfest 2012, I ate some rice pasta with chicken sausage and veggies and olives…

Olive you!


Please read the above caption aloud.

Then I baked some turkey cheese rolls…This picture is from today…but I didn’t take a pic last night.

I only had one last night…to test.


And there we are!

Now…I’m going to take a poll…I’m obsessed with these St. Croix waters…LET’S HEAR FROM THE PUBLIC.








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