Alcohol, Awkward, Beer, Eating, Fall, Pumpkins, Sweets

Let’s Try This Again.

The moment…THE VERY MOMENT…I was out from under your watchful eye…

I ate so much of all of the things.

Like, more than anything you ever saw me post.

So…we’re just going to do this for a little longer…I know you guys like it…

Anyway…you know how I do…


I didn’t eat anything until lunch…but I think I got a coffee…or tea…I don’t remember.

Co-workers, do you remember?

For lunch I ate a salad with grilled chicken…no cheese or anything, bibbles!

Not bad at all…


When I got home, I ate the last turtle (chocolate, not reptile) that I had leftover from a pack of 4 that I got on the way to the M83 show last Thursday…



So those are gone.

For dinner, before dance class, I had YET ANOTHER SALAD.

What a good girl.


Then I had 1/3 of this stick candy…also acquired en route to M83…

We ate at Cracker Barrel on the way…wanna fight about it?

I don’t even like it.


On the way to dance, I got an iced coffee with only 1/2 a pump of pumpkin sauce and a splash of half & half.

They even spelled my name right!


After dance, I baked that pinterest experiment.

So I had to drink on of these:

She’s my little rock ‘n’ roll…


And then…you know…there was batter.

So I licked this.

Oh behaaaave…


Then I ate this:

This was actually Sean’s…I forgot to take a picture of mine…


Then…later, I got really hungry again.

So I ate tuna and a pickle.

Is it chicken?


Speaking of pickles…Am I the only one who likes drinking pickle juice?

You guys get back to me on that.







5 thoughts on “Let’s Try This Again.

  1. That chicken looks DELISH… and I am obsessed with pickles – PICKLE JUICE AND ALL!!! Have you ever heard that pickle juice actually increases you BUST SIZE? Yeah, when I was little I would go to town, but I really think “they” just say that because well… It’s so salty – AKA: water retention! LOL! 🙂

  2. Nah, dawg, I totally like drinking pickle juice, too. Like, I’ll fix myself a small leetle bowl of dill pickle chips … and I’ll pour a little extra P.S. (pickle sauce) all over those bad boys.

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