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Okay, Bibbles.

I’m in a bit of a slump.

I’m super tired of taking pictures of my food.

One might even say I loathe it.

I just want to take pictures like this.

So I’ve just been avoiding this blog altogether.

Are you guys still in to my daily culinary (bitch, please…) adventures?

I’m not…please don’t make me do it anymore.

Here are some other blarg ideas I had:

1. Baking season is upon us. Ovens are usually not the temperature they say they are. I want to show everyone how to calibrate their oven…

Doesn’t that sound fun?

2. Pinterest Experiments…I take suggestions/recipes/DIY instructions/beauty tips from Pinterest, try them using my house/body/kitchen/mouth/well-being as the test subject and see what happens.

We all know that sometimes Pinterest is FULL OF LIES…Let’s expose Pinterest as the charlatan we know her to be…as a FAMILY.

Sidebar: Sometimes, I’ll be browsing through Pinterest, in the “everything” section, maybe the photography section…and BAM! PORNOGRAPHY!

This isn’t supposed to happen. There are rules against this sort of thing and yet…

It’s very jarring to see a vulva juxtaposed with a pin about substituting greek yogurt for butter…JARRING, I SAY.


Let’s move on.

3. I could just mix random household chemicals/kitchen ingredients together and see what explodes.

Don’t worry, I would wear safety glasses.

Like this?

4. We could talk about my herb garden some more…OH WAIT, WE CAN’T BECAUSE IT IS BASICALLY DEAD AND I DON’T WANNA.

5. I could plant something else and watch it too die out of spite.

6. Fall Pumpkin Beer Review: I buy every pumpkin beer I can find, drink them on camera, and rate them on a scale from 1 to purple…hilarity ensues…

7.  I could make fall-themed dog treats and have Angie taste them…she would rate them on a scale from 1 to catshit (her favorite).

She has a discerning palette.

Those are my ideas bibbles…

Talk amongst yourselves and get back to me.



11 thoughts on “Okay, Bibbles.

  1. Heheheh … see?! You totally succeeded in making an entertaining blog post, even though it’s basically about nothing! It’s the Seinfeld of blogging!! But srsly, I actually find your daily food/eating blogs really hilarious and entertaining. I also like the idea of you trying crazy Pinterest shit out and blogging about that … On a side note, I bought a big box of Sam Adams variety pack (I have no idea why, Sam Adams isn’t very good), and their … pumpkin beer is FUCKING DISGUSTING.

    • Chris…I hate Chicago…but this is appropriate:

      Also…I’m going to take a break from the food pics for a few days…I’ll probably come back to it…

      I LOVE the pinterest experiments…but people are all like “stop experimenting on yourself” and I’m all “It’s MY BODY guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”

      Sam Adams…yeah, that shit is gross…you know what’s grosser? Their Cherry Wheat “beer”.

      I miss you.


      …No I’m not.

  2. Nicole says:

    I love your idea of exposing Pinterest!

    And I’m sure whatever you do write about will be hilarious anyway.

    Oh and I’d love to know how to calibrate my oven. Just saying. 🙂

  3. Joe D says:

    Of course I am actually curious how you calibrate an oven…although I never do any baking…but still. I do agree that you are sorta like the Seinfeld of blogging (of which I own every season on DVD)…so you know where I stand on that. My vote is for #6, followed by #2…

  4. JM says:

    The only one that you listed that makes any logical sense is number 6. Differently not any more human testing from number 2. Diffentently not number 3 or I will have lecture you at work on safety and then write you up as a safety violation. You know what I am talking about. HOS board meeting. None of the others even make any sense.

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