Alcohol, Eating, Sweets


I’m going to do this post in reverse. Because the best thing ever happened at the end of my day.

It was this sandwich.

Just your basic miracle.


I know what you are saying in your noggin.

You’re saying “PB&J? I can do that in my sleepwalking!”

But it’s not that…it’s this:

And peanut butter.

And strawberry jam.

On toasted Challah.





This may be bigger than the green tea neopolitan innovention.


Let’s do the time-warp again. Let’s go back.

Thai food in reverse!

Coconut Ice Cream

Pineapple Curry

Rice Heart.


Wanton Soup 😉


I had eaten some toast before this too…I’m out of control.


Before that…I guess I was at work…

I stole some M&M’s from a co-worker…He was going to get peanuts…then I convinced him to get peanut M&M’s…then he did…then I ate most of them.

I may or may not be a monster.

This is what a monster’s hand looks like.


I also had this nectarine.

We’re getting better…


And a pack of saltines???




Part of lunch.


Ok, the cheese was not a snack…it was part of lunch…that makes me feel better for some reason.

My lunch was pretty sensible…chicken spinach wrap situation.

It’s a wrap!


Just shoot me.

And of course…

This guy.

Hello Handsome…


Before that, I woke up and tried to will my throat into being sore so I could take a sick day and sleep more.

There is obviously something(s) wrong with me.

Guys, I did not like going backwards. It was confusing. It was upsetting. It was all wrong.

I’ll never do it again.







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