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Tuesday: I Invent A New Ice-Cream Flavor

Guys…I like to call this kind of thing an “innovention”…and it happened where most magical things do…a Chinese food buffet.

But we’re not there yet. Let’s start where we always do…

You know what…someday, I’m just going to do this thing in reverse…but not today.


Creature of Habit


Then work work work.

Then lunch! Now…I was a responsible adult and brought a lunch…but some people forgot (or just didn’t feel like it)…these are the same people that guilt me into bringing lunches.

But it’s okay guys… because I ate Tuesday’s lunch today (spoiler alert) and that fateful trip to the Chinese buffet resulted in magic.


Meat and veggies.


I did it.

It’s like neopolitan…but instead of vanilla…

I replaced it with green tea…

I’ll give you a moment…

I can see that you are underwhelmed.

I would like to know what you innovented on your lunch break on mother-flippin’ Tuesday.

I mean…just look at it.

Did I mention the sprinkles?

Moving on…

Afternoon fix:

I’m drinking about four of these a day…


You thought it was going to be coffee…

Well. That’s later. I am drinking a lot of these La Croix things though. I just don’t post pics of all of them because they are water.

Sean just interjected: “You drink a thousand a day.”

That’s obviously not true.

Moving on. I ate this nectarine.




It’s fiiiiiine.


Then I had random snacks before I went to the gym.

Chicken sandwich on Challah. What? It’s the high holy days.

Finally killed these bitches off.

Choc. Chips.

Most expensive bitches ever.


Then I went to the gym, where I was abused both mentally and physically, and I felt sick because I combined GOLD FISH AND CHOCOLATE CHIPS before working out…like super-high honeybadger.

Then I went home and didn’t eat anything else.

Because how could I?








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