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Try Harder. Do Better.

Guys, my trainer is a sadist.

The scene: Our heroine (me) is on the elliptical, warming up. Enter the sadist trainer.

Beautiful Heroine: Guess what I did yesterday?

Sadist: Cardio?

Glowing Heroine: Yeah! I ran a mile, even though my legs were still sore from Saturday.

Sadist: Great we’re doing legs today!

Charming Heroine: We did legs last time! My legs still hurt!


Or something like that…

He also may have called me “pasty”…

But we’re supposed to be talking about yesterday…let’s go back…let’s go back.

To Monday.

Breakfast. I may or may not have developed an iced latte habit. It’s partly because I prefer cold coffee, partly because I like walking outside of the building and to Dunkin Donuts.

It’s good for me.

It had some pumpkin sauce…SO WHAT WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT?


That picture really showcases my chubby baby hands.

Lunch: Leftover Shame.

I mostly just ate the toppings off.


Then I went BACK to DD…and got an iced tea.

Say “Hi” to Keith and Spock!


After work, Sean and I went grocery shopping because we’re boring grown-ups now.

They had samples! I had to elbow a few elderly people out of the way…

Just kidding, the elderly are scary when it comes to those samples…I wait patiently for my turn.

The rice was the best part.


Then Sean tricked me into running! I’m not sure what happened…he was talking about the Dunedin Brewery 5K…and mentioned that they have a 1 mile…and I was all…I could run for beer…But then I had to actually run, and that wasn’t great…but I did a mile without stopping…I dunno guys…I kinda feel dirty now.

Sean: Well, now that you’re a runner…

Me (interrupting rudely): LET’S NOT SAY THINGS WE CAN’T TAKE BACK.



I actually started eating this in Publix. I washed it in the water fountain.


Real Dinner:

A picture of perfect health.


What’s this??? A super-healthy chicken wrap with spinach? And tomatoes and hummus as a side?

What am I, some kind of hero?

Then we had to go watch football so Peyton could break my heart.

While my heart was breaking, I ate some heart-healthy almonds!

Acetic Acid + NaCl


Also, the lovely Shayna had some chips from Trader Joe’s!

❤ TJ’s


I helped her get rid of them.

That reminds me… I need to go to Trader Joe’s in Sarasota. I haven’t been yet.

Does that shock you?

ANYBALLZ, my arms are about to fall of and I’m still sweaty and disgusting from working out.

I’m going to go try and clean myself…that’s going to be hard to do without arms…










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