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In Which I Disgust Myself.

With a bunch of carbs, fat, and alcohol.

Let’s just do this quickly…like ripping off a really gross band-aid that makes you hate yourself.

Morning Cheese.


I switched up my morning beverage. The iced coffee at Nature’s Food Patch makes me feel like I’m on meth, so I went with Chai.

It was iced, but they put it in the hot cup…


Then we got a pizza…I know…pizza again…I had two pieces.

It was ok.

I feel like the ingredients aren’t THAT bad.


Then the first ridiculous half of the Giants game happened…which made me do this:

Just a really stressed-out handful.


Once that was over and my breathing returned to normal, we went to Eddie’s to watch the Redskins game.

And then I had mango vodka in soda water???






Oh…and no big deal…but we also got this…

Over half of it was left, but still…


What am I saying…that is obviously a big deal.

Moving on.

I had a sample of the Sierra Nevada Tumbler…

It was wonderful. Not too malty, very drinkable.

Really delightful.


Once that game was over (and that idiot tossed away the game with the football), Sean’s mom came over to watch a movie and I made them fondue.

I also ate some, obviously.

With: Chicken sausage, zucchini, and bread cubes.


Everyone focus on the zucchini…which took me forever to figure out how to spell.

Of course I drank the wine I was cooking with.


I do what the Barefoot Contessa tells me to.


It’s ok guys, I started running.

It’s all going to be ok.










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