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Saturday: A Shower and a Double Date.

Not to sound like a completely ridiculous person, but my weekends contain a lot of social engagements.

It’s calmed down, since the wedding times, but there are still birthdays, dinners, showers, etc.

Saturday started with a shower. Literally. I got up at 11 AM (because I can) showered, and went to a shower.

Because Sean is a darling, he brought me an iced coffee (this, in turn made me feel like a crack-whore, but that is neither here nor there).

Crack whore coffee.


As an aside: Katie made me this awesome necklace, pictured below. Several people asked me where I got it. I referred them to here. She is a genius. Buy here things. Support local art, etc.

Damn it. I thought you could see the whole necklace. Whatever, you get the idea.


Just…do what I say.

Anyway, at the shower…I ate this sandwich:

I cannot pronounce “sandwich”…oddly enough.


…and this piece of obligatory cake…because  you know what the worst type of person is? The person who is all “No, I don’t want your free cake.”

I don’t want to hear about how you’re “avoiding gluten”.


Then we ran some errands, and I impulse-bought these little jerks.

I will always fall for seasonal food.


They’re not even that good.

Then we went to Seasons 52 with John and Danielle. We got there early. Where do you think we waited?

Why are my eyes so small???

I had two glasses of wine.

Then I ate some things.

Goat cheese raviolo. I had two so it becomes a ravioli situation.

Tomato with mozzarella.

Arugula! With pistachios! You don’t even know!

Fillet and veggies.

Tiny pecan dessert.


Again… I apologize for the dim pics, but it’s tacky to use flash in a restaurant and I won’t do it.

Then we retired to J&D’s home to play Star Trek Catan and OMG…I can’t talk about it.

But I can a talk about the sour straws…

I’ve had some cravings recently…


I can also talk about pumpkin pie vodka…because again, I love a seasonal gimmick.

It was actually pretty good. And just a shot of it in soda water is a 152 calorie cocktail.

Surprisingly very tasty.


So, that brings us up to speed…

And just because I feel like it, I’m also going to bring you up to speed on the songs I’ve been obsessed with this weekend. This would usually go in my other blog…but who has the time for two blogs???

Oh my God, Merle. Such a perfect voice.

One word: Harmonies

Two words: Anti. Harmony.


How has your weekend been? What have you been eating/listening to?












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